St. Joseph Plastics’ custom compounded polypropylene resin continually meets our customer’s stringent quality and value standards. While many plastic recycling companies offer plastic resin, St. Joseph Plastics elevates its compounded resin through quality feed stocks and stringent testing. Quality is what we believe in.

Spec Sheets

If our below most popular products do not meet your needs, please visit our contact page so we can discuss the specifications of your custom blend.


Primarily supplying recycled polypropylene and polyethylene regrind, St. Joseph Plastics prides itself on providing clean regrind through constant quality checks. We specialize in quick sourcing, processing, and prompt delivery. You can count on us for a consistent supply for your polyethylene and polypropylene products.

PP Regrind

PE Regrind

St. Joseph Plastics strives to be the preferred vendor for plastic injection molding companies. Our plastic resin offerings have continually aided in successful sustainability efforts of major corporations by achieving recycled content goals. Whether pellet or flake, our company’s almost 30 years of experience gives any injection molding company the assurance they need in manufacturing their products.