St. Joseph Plastics Works to Create Greener Future

St. Joseph Plastics has a simple mission: provide innovative recycling programs to prevent waste plastic from entering the landfill stream. Over the years they have stayed true to their mission, and dedicated themselves to the continuous improvement of plastic recycling science. Their facilities and state of the art in-house lab showcase their ability to design, and lead, custom programs for companies of all sizes. They’ve got all the reprocessed polypropylene, polypropylene compound pellets, and recycling knowledge you’ll ever need. Whether they are working alongside a one-time seller with surplus polypropylene, or a national company looking for reliability in a polypropylene recycling program, they can answer all the questions about what polypropylene recycling program is right for your company.

Through continuous improvement and scientific innovations in recycled polypropylene programs St. Joseph Plastics has become a leader in clean, Earth-friendly resins. They are known for creating efficient methods of production that remove the hassle, are good to the Earth, and make your sustainability goals obtainable. The team is driven, customer-focused, and dedicated to providing the best experience possible. As partners they understand that the success of your business is the success of theirs. They are recognized as a leader amongst recycled polypropylene compounders, as well as innovators in technology, inventors of processes, and investors in a brighter, more sustainable future for everyone.

St. Joseph Plastics provides custom recycled content resins to injection molders, compounders, and extruders, while providing recycling solutions to plastic manufacturers, and collectors of post consumer plastic. They help industrial recycled polypropylene manufacturers fill their post consumer polypropylene needs by producing recycled polypropylene pellets, blended recycled resins, post consumer polypropylene, and more. They are here to work with you to maintain your profitability and sustainability goals. St. Joseph Plastics strives to create the highest quality of efficiently recycled content resins for your business, while working with you to help preserve the Earth.

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