Who We Are

We want to work with you to make the world a better place.

St. Joseph Plastics was established in 1986 to prevent waste plastic from entering the landfill stream and has been actively recycling polypropylene for 30+ years.  We care about the quality of our earth, the relationships we build, and the quality of our resins.  We aren’t focused on being the largest recycled content resin producer, we are focused on partnerships that are mutually beneficial to both you and us. 
St. Joseph Plastics exists to provide custom recycled content resins to injection molders, compounders and extruders, while providing recycling solutions to plastic manufacturers and collectors of post consumer plastic.

How do we do that?

We listen. St. Joseph Plastics

Having a science-based, highly customized approach to our recycled material gives us the opportunity to really get to know you. St. Joseph Plastics listens to your needs and genuinely wants to provide the highest quality of recycled content resins to your business.

We are focused. 

From receiving scrap to delivering our scientifically designed resins, St. Joseph Plastics continually focuses on testing and quality checking at every stage of the process.

We hire great people.

The quality of our people shows in the quality of our product. The St. Joseph Plastics team is driven, dedicated and customer-focused, understanding that the success of your business is the success of ours.

We have an awesome team.

Our team is our family and we take pride in the work we do together.

Rob Starr

CEO / President

Ron Moore

Product Vice President

Leighton DeGarmo

Director of Sales Development

Marc Hausman


Sean Stagner

Human Resources Manager

Jordan West


Tim Larson

Compounding Plant Manager

Dave Walker

Grinding Plant Manager

Darryl Richardson

Grinding Maintenance Lead

Tatia Shahan

Inventory & Data Control Specialist

Matt Domenic

Compounding Maintenance Lead

Matt Griffey

Resin Formulator

Tyler Glenn

Maintenance Manager

Ryan Fisher

Process Engineer

Ben Thornton


Julie Williams

Logistics / Accounting

Brian Shirley


Jason Morgan

Grinding Shipping Manager

Jed Chappell

Grinding Receiving Manager

Tim Weatherd

Compounding Receiving Manager

Angie Riggs

Material Manager & Admin

Land a great job.

St. Joseph Plastics employs hard-working, integrity-filled people on our team. If you are interested in being a part of the St. Joseph Plastics family, submit your resume and cover letter below.

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