Signature Resins

Signature resins.

St. Joseph Plastics offers the signature resins listed below for a multitude of applications. Please contact us if you don’t see what you’re looking for. We are always ready to make a custom resin that will help you meet your sustainability goals and/or make your process easier.

Signature Resins Melt Izod Color
1010NB 10 8.0 + Black
202 20 2.0 Black
2060 18 4.0 Black
2515 Green 25 1.5 Green
3015 30 1.5 Black
3020 30 2.0 Black
3520 35 2.0 Black

Not your typical regrind.

St. Joseph Plastics is a leader in clean regrind processing. Our vast inventory, large grinding facility, and proven procedures allow us to be the preferred regrind supplier you’re looking for. St. Joseph Plastics has perfected the regrind process providing Polyethylene and Polypropylene regrind for over 30 years.

We make plastic waste reduction easy.

St. Joseph Plastics will help you meet your sustainability goals. We provide recycling programs to plastic manufacturers and collectors of post consumer plastic. St. Joseph Plastics then evolves these feed stocks into consistent, clean, custom recycled resins for injection molders, compounders, and extruders.

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